Ex Call Centre Manager, Part Time “Work From Home Marketer”… got made Redundant, then became Full Time Marketer… and THEN…. Made $2.7million in 12 Months.

Meet, Chris Godfrey.

Chris Godfrey - Quick Marketing Trick Podcast

Chris Godfrey | Marketing Professional and Host of the Quick Marketing Trick Podcast.

Have you ever heard something and thought to yourself… “Yeah… but that won’t work.”

So have I !

And also… “that won’t work in Australia!”

The Quick Marketing Trick Podcast is here to outline for you; marketing strategies, techniques and “tricks” that have been proven to work.

Every episode is all about 1 TRICK THAT HAS WORKED!  You will hear the ins and outs of how the marketing trick was used and what results it got too!

I know that the Quick Marketing Trick Podcast will save you from hours, months and years of PAIN and also Endless Trial and Error!

After listening in, you will now have some ideas and methods that you KNOW, have at least worked for someone else!

There will be some international guests on the Podcast too, but they are all considered by me (Chris Godfrey – creator of this Podcast among other things..), to know or be confident that YOUR customers in Australia will also respond to the strategy, style, plan, method, trick or whatever you want to call it!

What could you lose?

The podcast is FREE, and every episode is short and straight to the point.

Tune in and listen to a few episodes before writing this off as another thing that “probably won’t work..”, because that’s EXACTLY what we’re fighting here!

Enjoy and Best Wishes,

Chris Godfrey.

Co-Founder of Clarify Marketing PTY LTD

@ chrisgodfrey.com.au

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