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Knowing Your Cost Per Lead (CPL)

EPISODE 29 Hello welcome to the Quick Marketing Trick Podcast. My name is Chris Godfrey and today I have a special episode for all the beginners out there. If you’re a beginner with marketing, maybe you’ve just got into business

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Where to Find More Customers.

Where to Find More Customers

EPISODE 28 So you’ve heard the expression, birds of a feather flock together? Yes? Well, how does that relate to your customers? Let’s dive into that right now. Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Quick Marketing Trick

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Tell me what you do!

EPISODE 9 | I had a potential client email me… ask about the details of working with me and Clarify Marketing (www.clarifymarketing.com.au)… and they sent me their website. so I could see what they were about. I looked at the

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